WiFi+GSM Smart Alarm System


  • WiFi and GSM Dual network

  • LCD display and capacitive touch, easy and convenient to operate

  • Can lear 8 wireless remote controllers and 10 RFID cards

  • 10 wireless zones (80 detectors in total) and 2 wired zones

  • Each zone can be independently armed, support accessories alarm / low voltage alarm / tamper alarm and other SMS tips

  • Can preset 6 groups of alarm calls, 3 groups of SMS alarms

  • Support mobile phone APP (Android / IOS compatible)

  • With one-way relay alarm linkage output, 4-way wireless home appliances control

  • Timing arm / disarm, monitor, intercom and other functions.

  • 30 alarm records can be queried

  • Built-in high capacity lithium backup battery, can also work properly when power off



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