• suitable for Home and Car use.
  • Built-in waterpoof rubber gasket. No Water leak while Turning over
  • anti-slip mat
  • visible water level
  • 【Ultra-quiet, soft lighting】The use of ultrasound technology, mute humidifier, turn on the night light function, give you a comfortable sleep.
  • 【Small and safety】 When the water runs out, the humidifier will automatically shut down to ensure safety.Mini portable.It's so small that you can put it on your hand, on the table.
  • 【High-frequency atomizer humidifier】Humidifier produces minimal water molecules, effectively relieve dry skin; also be used as air purifier to quickly humidify and purify the indoor air, remove floating.
  • 【USB power supply security】Can be connected to any USB interface, such as mobile power, your computer, even in your car. operate 4 hours will automatically stop,safe using.
  • A unique bottom design, the appearance of lemon, close to nature, to create a good environment and a comfortable lifestyle.
  • Capacity :  180 mL
  • Operation power :  Voltage DC5V / Current 500mA
  • Product size:  80 x 80 x 112mm (0.2g)
  • Package size : 87 x 87 x 115mm (0.3g)

Mini Humidifier

SKU: ES-HP-1813