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Our Elderly Big Button Corded Phone is the perfect solution for those who need a simplified phone experience. With large, easy-to-press buttons and a visible indicator for incoming calls, this phone is perfect for those with visual impairments. It also features memory buttons for quick access to frequently dialed numbers. The corded design ensures a reliable connection and eliminates the need for charging or batteries. Stay connected with ease using our Elderly Big Button Corded Phone.

Elderly Big Button Corded Phone

SKU: C-W3060
    • FSK/DTMF dual system
    • 61 incoming call memories, call back function
    • 16 outgoing call memories and conversation
    • time review and redial back
    • Local area code filter
    • Pre-dial number and call out
    • LCD display of year, month, date and time
    • 20 ringer tone selection
    • 5 levels of LCD contrast
    • 3 levels of ring volume
    • Flash time adjustable
    • 3 One touch memory function
    • Alarm and IDD lock function
    • Hold with music
    • Hands-free dialing and speaking function
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