• Dustproof and waterproof 
  • Fingerprint recognition Bluetooth unlock APP function
  • Safe and reliable verification method. Your finger is now your password. Fingerprint ID function brings a safe, private new way for device unlocking and authentication
  • Use scenarios, diversification, as long as you want to lock more, we can give you protection, luggage, luggage, doors, cabinets, container trucks, bicycles,
  • Guarding backpacks, guarding warehouses, guarding luggage, guarding gates, guarding cabinets, guarding goods.
  • The capacitive touch fingerprint sensor, in a small space, uses an phone-level fingerprint sensor to quickly identify, and realizes a real second of seconds compared to the smart lock on the market. Rapid processing of CPU, fingerprint recognition technology, automatic learning and storage, can store 15 sets of fingerprints.
  • Many shared bicycle service engineering users Shared bike locks for users
  • You can share device permissions on the management device interface.
  • Sharing equipment - Allows you to remotely authorize. Not to be trivial.
  • 130mA 3.7V , with USB connector
  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology

  • 16 sets finger print recorded



Biometric Identification Smart Door Lock Finger Print

SKU: ES-SM-D1801