APN Merchandising Ltd. was founded in 2015. Our team has rich experience in manufacturing, product development, quality control as well as the entire purchase processing including shipment and documents. We are capable of handling the wide range products (i.e. plastic/electronic toys, electronic appliances, mobile & accessoriestelecommunications, health & care, home products, Smart home/Security and energy-saving categories, etc).

All those products provide the people what they need to cope with and struggling during life time. i.e. "Toys" - educates the kids from the games, Telecom - everybody can deliver their thoughts via the tools, "Energy-saving" makes it environmental friendly, Healthcare - remove the obstacles to help the persons who need, "home products" encourage the people to have fun and relax.

As a Hong Kong legitimate and well setup company. We have been working to fulfil the customers and suppliers professionally and efficiently. That must a win win situation to make both satisfied with the result. Actually, we achieved by building the relationships with suppliers. 


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